We don't have to tell you about the challenges facing today's healthcare professional. You face those challenges every day.

New technology has offered the promise of helping to meet your challenges. Greater efficiencies, being able to accomplish more with less. Healthcare management and professional journals are filled with articles touting the value of new information and communication technology that can change the very fabric of healthcare delivery.

Unfortunately, there can be a huge gap between promise and performance, and the complexity of implementing these technologies facility-wide is often underestimated. New technology usually comes with a high price tag, and you rarely get the opportunity (or funds) to replace systems with something that works when the first purchase isn't right. Hospitals have made great strides in improving the technology evaluation process. Selection committees comprised of different disciplines help ensure consideration from all viewpoints. But time constraints and other responsibilities make it increasingly more difficult for these teams to devote adequate time and energy to fully analyze the benefit/cost returns.

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