Wireless Nursecall for Active Senior Communities

At CSI, we know that the best eldercare happens when great caregivers are given the right tools to get their job done. We make our products simpler and easier to use, so your caregivers can focus on caregiving, not trying to figure out overcomplicated monitoring systems.


  • Browser based interface that can be securely accessed from any device including smartphones, ipads, radios, phones, paging, central station monitoring, etc.
  • Reporting can be scheduled or created whenever needed.
  • Easy to use for even the most technically challenged person meaning higher utilization and efficiency.
  • For active communities, our locators can easily cover wide ranges.
  • Cost effective... no other system with comparable features costs less.
  • 99.97% uptime.
  • No size limit on the R-Cube system.
  • Real-time multi-point alarm and call monitoring.
  • Attractive sconce lighting alert system.
  • Real-time multi-point alarm and call monitoring.