Product Line

Nurse Call Systems CSI offers systems ranging from code required tone and light annunciation systems, full featured systems with two-way audio, to fully networked, integrated, centralized systems.

Intercom CSI offers a complete line of dedicated on-site intercom systems. From simple two-station door access intercom to full feature duplex intercom with on-site central exchanges.

Systems Integration One of the most important requirements in today's healthcare market is systems integration the capability to direct patient requests to radio pager and/or wireless phone systems for quick staff "reachability", to locate staff and/or equipment to capture and store event information in a database for management analysis and risk management. CSI possesses the equipment, installation and implementation knowledge to accomplish this integration seamlessly.

Asset Tracking Systems CSI offers infrared-tracking systems designed to pinpoint location of a specific person or mobile asset anywhere in a facility. These systems can be installed on a stand-alone basis or integrated to select nurse call, information or telephone systems.

Wireless Systems CSI can provide a wide range of wireless systems including on-site radio paging and low power wireless phones, wireless network/voice and date on one wireless LAN.

Access Control and Infant Protection Systems It is an unfortunate fact of today's society that implementation of these systems is become more and more important to a facility's long term well being. CSI offers integrated access control and infant protection systems.

Other Low Voltage Systems To enable facilities to utilize CSI as a single source supplier of systems, we also offer other products on a design/build basis. CSI can assist you in developing your specific requirements for any or all of the following services within your hospital or on a specific project.

We also supply:

  • Voice/Data-Cabling Master Antenna (MATV)
  • Fiber-Cabling Door Entry/Intercom
  • Networking Background Music
  • Interactive Television
  • IT Consultation
  • Closed Circuit Video Asset-Employee Tracking
  • Access Control - Security Sound Paging Systems
  • Telephone Systems Radio Pocket Paging
  • Wireless Mobile Telephones LAN/WAN Integration/Design