• Design/Build: CSI primarily offers systems solutions on a "design/build" basis, including "needs" assessment, systems, design and layout, installation, as-built documentation, maintenance and end user training, and post-installation service.

  • Compliance With Codes and Industry Standards:As a licensed, bonded communications contractor CSI maintains the highest standards relative to all building codes and regulatory agencies. Various levels of testing and quality assurance will be performed throughout every stage of the project. This ensures the highest grade of quality when it comes to the final turn over the project!

  • Analyzing Alternative Pricing and Budget Requirements: CSI staff will conduct a thorough analysis of your current project and Low Voltage requirements. This will allow us to prepare a series of alternatives for your budgetary means. CSI customers find this value engineering service very beneficial when preparing for large-scale projects that are set to a required fixed financial budget.

  • Vendor Independence: CSI's independent status means that the customer will receive turnkey solutions when it comes to manufacturers' hardware and components. CSI's design criteria has always been to provide the best products that meet the customer's requirements regardless of the manufacturer. CSI does not limit itself to using products from one particular manufacturer or a given product line.

  • Union Shop: CSI's status as an IBEW (Local 134) union contractor means that our work is accepted on union job sites across the country. CSI understands the importance of working in harmony with the other construction trades at the constructions sites. The union has also established extensive apprentice and training schools, which means the customer is ensured the highest grade of quality workmanship!

  • Dependable, Affordable, Ongoing Support: CSI understands that long-term relationships are key to success. We have made the commitment to provide the highest quality of service and provide the quickest response to the customer's needs! This is the foundation on which CSI was built, and we look forward to taking this commitment in to the future!

Maintenance service is offered on a "per call" or fixed-price contract basis and is available on mission/critical and/or life safety systems 24/7/365.